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Aerodynamic & Hydrodynamic Design and Analysis

Nielsen Engineering & Research provides all levels of aerodynamic and hydrodynamic design and analysis ranging from basic engineering methods to advanced CFD calculations. These tools, coupled with NEAR's capabilities for analyzing complex fluid phenomena, are applied to customer's problems to achieve accurate and efficient solutions. Practical project experience in both analytical and experimental aerodynamic techniques is the basis for NEAR's excellent reputation for delivering results for commercial programs.

NEAR has a highly competent and innovative staff of scientists and engineers. Areas of competence range from applied aerodynamics analyses to basic research into the fundamental aspects of fluid phenomena. The small size of the company is an asset which allows for quick and cost effective solutions to real problems.

The experienced staff at NEAR employs the most up-to-date analytical tools to solve clients' needs accurately and efficiently. Analytical techniques readily available range from database methods to the most advanced Navier-Stokes CFD models.

Besides our proprietary codes, NEAR has experience using government developed aerodynamic codes such as the US Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Aero-Prediction codes AP98 thru AP05, the US Air Force's Missile DATCOM, and MADM, SHABP, HABP (Hypersonic Arbitrary Body Program). NEAR also maintains a variety of CFD codes such as OVERFLOW and Cart3D.

  Aerodynamic Support 
  Wind Tunnel Test Support and Planning
  Design Optimization
  Missile Preliminary Design Studies
  Missile Aerodynamic Loads Analysis
  Launch Vehicle Aerodynamic Design and Analysis
  Aircraft Store Separation and Carriage Loads Analysis
  Unsteady Aircraft Aerodynamics
  Maneuvering Submersible Hydrodynamic Analysis



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