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NEAR Profile

Since 1966, Nielsen Engineering & Research (NEAR) has been providing its customers with analysis, research, design, and development services in the areas of fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, flow-related sensors, and aerodynamic hardware solutions. NEAR's staff of highly competent engineers and scientists offer a unique combination of depth and breadth of knowledge, generating innovative and effective solutions in a cost- and time-efficient manner. Analytical services are available to customers who require data for evaluating new ideas, for supporting wind tunnel and flight tests, and for FAA certification efforts. In addition, NEAR's research, design, and development resources satisfy the needs of customers who require assistance with the creation of new products or the enhancement of existing systems or processes.

To accomplish these objectives, NEAR offers 1) a range of aero/hydrodynamic analysis tools including computational fluid dynamics, engineering level numerical methods, and custom-designed analytical software, 2) laboratory and wind tunnel testing, 3) hardware development and evaluation, and 4) a knowledgeable and dedicated staff with the experience to know which tool or combination of tools is the most applicable and effective for a given situation.

Nielsen Engineering & Research (NEAR) employs 9 full-time and two part-time engineers and scientists specializing in fluid mechanics and computational methods. The primary aims of NEAR are to develop and acquire knowledge of fluid mechanics and to transfer this knowledge to the aerodynamics industry by consulting and software licensing.

The NEAR staff is well-known around the world for its problem-solving capabilities. Currently, the engineers at NEAR are working in such diverse technical areas as future launch vehicle design, knowledge based systems for high-technology information transfer, multidisciplinary optimization and design, turbulence research, high-accuracy computational methods, MEMS applications to fluid flow control, maneuvering fighter aircraft, and other aerodynamic topics.

The quality of the NEAR staff is recognized in the U.S. and abroad as exhibited by the numerous invited lectures and papers presented around the world. Since 1980, NEAR engineers have received nine NASA awards for "the creative development of a technical innovation." NEAR staff members have served on some twenty technical committees and government-organized review boards. These include such activities as the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the Naval Aeroballistic Advisory Committee, and NASA Peer Review Committees.

NEAR has an excellent reputation throughout the technical community for its execution of research and development contracts for U.S. Government agencies and industry. The small size of the company fosters good internal communications and allows maintenance of the procedures necessary for effective control of the quality, cost, and scheduling of technical work. A high degree of responsiveness and economy in the conduct of research contracts is essential in the current business climate. Since 1966, the emphasis at NEAR has been on its contract obligations and its good reputation with sponsors, and the basic philosophy has been to attempt to solve relevant technical problems using the best technology available in the fluid mechanics world, whether or not it has been developed by NEAR. All the above has led to efficient and responsive contract management and performance.


Mission Statement

NEAR's mission is to work with our current and future customers to develop data, hardware, and/or intellectual property that will provide them with a competitive advantage for years to come. NEAR is guided by the sense of excellence, integrity, and ethics that has allowed us to maintain the trust of our customers, gained through more than forty years of service to large and small companies in all areas of technical endeavor.


Selected Technical Staff

Biographies of NEAR's technical staff are available.

Name Title Technical Areas
Michael R. Mendenhall Senior Technical Analyst and President Emeritus Applied research, consulting, aerodynamics/hydrodynamics prediction
Daniel J. Lesieutre Senior Research Engineer Applied research, applied aerodynamics, multidisciplinary design optimization, store separation, software licensing


Employment Opportunities

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Office Location

Offices of NEAR, Inc.

Nielsen Engineering & Research
A division of Analytical Mechanics Associates
900 Lafayette Street, Suite 329
Santa Clara, CA 95050
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