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Wireless MEMS Instrument for Flow Measurements

NEAR has recently completed a NASA SBIR Phase I contract which demonstrated the feasibility of producing an ultrathin, wireless data acquisition system for turbomachinery testing. The small size and wireless nature of this system allow it to be quickly adhered to a surface of interest where it collects, processes, and stores flow data without disrupting the boundary layer being investigated. The design developed, integrates a MEMS-based pressure sensor, signal conditioning electronics, a microcontroller, memory, and a battery into a thin, flexible package. During the Phase I contract, NEAR developed an innovative packaging process which allows the system to meet the strict 5-mil thickness requirements of NASA researchers. NEAR is currently conducting the Phase II contract to complete the detailed design of this system and fabricate fully functional prototypes.

Commercial Applications: The system being developed can be used for basic research and product development in any field where nonintrusive flow measurements are required. This includes research, development, and testing of aircraft, automobiles, and marine vessels. The system is also applicable to basic wind tunnel and flight test research.


Pruzan, D. A.," A Wireless MEMS Instrument for Flow Measurements in Turbomachinery," SBIR Phase I Final Report, NASA Contract No. NAS3-97063, NEAR TR 526, 1997.

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